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Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post

Well at least she wasn't too embarrassed about the party thing, makes much more sense that it was in a few days time rather than today. And then realizing Alba had not answered a previous question she turned. "I like any ice cream that has peanut butter with it." She could live off peanut butter alone. It was so good!

Ah... and there was the question about life before. She hadn't shared with a lot of people what she did before, not that she was embarrassed .. just that ... well ... most people didn't understand. Valentin was the first person she had told the whole story to. "Well, I ahhh.." She hesitated for just a moment, she had nothing to worry about here anymore ... it was time to own it and move on. "I lived in the muggle world for about 8 years." Phew okay there she had said it again. "But my boyfriend and I broke up, so I came home." There .. simple and to the point.

And then Leon made a comment about farts and Alba burst into a fit of giggles... real mature .. and all... but none the less funny. "What is it about young boys and bodily functions that are so funny?" Her nephew was just getting to that point ... boys ...

"Well I don't have any brothers, but I feel the exact same way about my sisters! Can't live with them, can't live with out!" She smiled thinking about them! Who would ever know you better than your siblings. "What's your brother's name? Would I have seen him at the shop to?" Alba was trying to remember if she had ever seen anyone else behind the counter there.
Leo would certainly remember that. Peanut Butter was a fantastic flavor to have with ice cream. He had a few different kinds at the shop with that very taste. "You are in luck, I have some of that ready to be eaten." As she spoke of the muggle world, Leo just nodded a few times. "Don't you just love the change living with muggles. I like to take some breaks there. It just feels different and I find it energizing." He loved the muggles and muggle things. Some of his ice creams was inspired by theirs.

He couldn't help but laugh louder to her laughter. It was funny and even as an adult a good gas attack was always fun. "I don't think they will ever grow out of it either and if they do, I do feel sorry that they lost their sense of humor." A good laugh was good for the health.

"OOoooh I always wanted a sister. Someone that I could have stolen makeup from or tried on their shoes before my feet got too big." He laughed, but honestly why couldn't he have had a sister. His mom hadn't been a fan of him in her things. "He doesn't come to the shop that often, but if you ever went to Leo's a few blocks away, that is our sandwich shop. Alvaro is his name."

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