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Originally Posted by Bazinga View Post
Wasn't she just a sweet one. Leon always adored sweet humans, Merlin knew the world needed more of them. "Have you been in?" He should know this, he tried to remember every customer, but unfortunately in their busy season, he couldn't remember every single one. "Tell me your favorites and I will put it to memory and have it every time you are in." He'd be sure to give a discount for her help as well. "Of course you don't need a child, the shop will still be open to the public so all are welcome. Winter Wonderland is for the child at heart as well as children. " He was certainly a child at heart still so how could he say no to anyone else.

He waved his hand at her thanking, it was no big deal and he used to clean up shops with his own. "Oh sweetie we all have our moments, don't let anyone tell you that you are clumsy when everyone is." He wouldn't hear of that, everyone had their moments and everyone was allowed to.

So the next one was a yes as well, he couldn't wait to get these and hoped the kids would enjoy the music. He just hoped everything would be a success. 'I've been the head there for three years now." He had to think about it. 'I own a restaurant not far from here. Well my brother and I both do, he does more there and I do the Ice cream." He was loving the sweet treats more than the food and he was happy to keep it that way.

"Well good, then I think I'll just follow you there when we finish up." Oh wait ... maybe he part wasn't today ... most likely not, Leon would be shopping ahead of the party of course. "Even if the party isn't today, I could still use some ice cream." There she covered for her self and didn't sound too strange did she?? No of course not.

She had a huge smiled spread across her face at Leon's comment about clumsiness, "Well thank you, I appreciate that! I certainly don't try to knock everything down." No she didn't try, it just always seems to happen!

"I only just got back to London myself." She added, thinking that 3 years was a long time, but she hadn't been to the shop prior to this year in over 8. "That's nice that you and your brother can get along so well." Alba smiled, she loved her sisters, but probably not enough to want to own a business together, they would kill each other.
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