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Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post

Alba smiled, whew at least he didn't seem angry about the intrusion. "Nice to meet you Leon, I'm Alba Johnston." She reached out her hand for a shake and bumped into the display case in front of her knocking down several of the albums in front of them. "Oh no!! Sorry about that." She added bending down to pick them up. She could have used her wand of course, but having lived in the muggle world for so long, it still wasn't her natural reaction to whip it out for everything.

Having returned everything to the display ... probably not in the right order, she turned about to Leon. "A super fun kids party?" Though Alba loved kids ... she wasn't sure she would be the best fit for the job. "Is it for your son or daughter?" She added ... okay ... she maybe could do this... After all she had been a small girl once, and had a small nephew .. she already knew the orange covered one.. and the more she looked the more she recognized a few others. Grabbing one with a blue covered she handed that to Leon as well. "He also has this one.".
"Well it is very nice to meet you Alba" He shook her hand and turned back to the albums that he was looking at. 'These all just confuse me. I don't listen to much music myself and my brother picked out the tunes that play at the shop." Had he mentioned he was doing this party for his shop, maybe not, but he might not have realized either. When she knocked a few over he didn't even hesitate to bounce down and start picking them up, "No probs, I do it all the time."

As the got it cleaned up and back organized he listened to what she said and started to laugh, "Oh no honey, I don't have any kids. I own the ice cream shop up the street. We are going to have a winter wonderland party for all the little cuties around here." Was that adorable? He thought so at least. He couldn't wait to see them all playing and some of the money that would come in from having the party at his shop. Yes, yes gift cards make the perfect gift.

"Oh really... what makes him like it?" Taking the album from her he took a look.
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