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Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post

Since the it was Christmas time, Alba thought it was best if she started looking for presents. She might be a little late on the draw but her family usually celebrated after Christmas anyway. Stepping into the music shop, she thought about what her sister Poppy would want. She played the piano so well .. maybe something classical.

While browsing the aisle, Alba noticed a gentleman looking at music for children. Being as Alba didn't have any her own, but some experience with her nephew she thought it was best to just stay put. Expect ... she had seen that one with the orange cover at her sisters house before. "My 4 year old nephew has the one with the orange cover." Alba smile, "He seems to like it." There that was helpful right?? ... maybe the gentleman didn't need help .. maybe she was just intruding on his browsing. Ugh ... why did she always over analyze everything.
He was bad at this, really bad. Why did he think he could ever make an epic party for children. He loved and adored kids and that's probably why he thought it would be easy, but now, now he knew it wasn't. Where was the shopkeeper when he needed.

Just as he was going to put the album down and give up someone spoke up and said that their nephew liked it. Their four year old nephew. "Reeealllly? This is good to know." Looking at the cover he turned to the woman. "I'm Leon Brown and I'm hosting a super fun kids party, you wouldn't be up for helping me with the music, would you?" It couldn't hurt to find some help.
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