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Scene 3:
With NEWTs behind them, their final term at Hogwarts completed, the summer was in full swing. Connor and Addison had found themselves a cute little apartment that they both were able to agree upon. Today was moving day!

It was moving day!

Addison couldn't believe it! They had found a place of their own. Her and Connor. Sure it took them several weeks to find the perfect place in the most perfect location. And it had taken time for her to convince her parents that this was a good idea and she was going to do it with or without their blessing. In the end her parents final relented and even helped them with their search.

The eighteen year old blonde glanced over her shoulder at Connor as she carried another box into their apartment. "This is going to be amazing. The best thing to happen to us so far this summer." She laughed happily, setting the box down on the floor against the wall. "We have our OWN place, Connor! Can you believe it?!" Addison would've thrown herself into his arms in a fierce hug right than but luckily for him, he had boxes he was carrying as well.

"How much more do we have to bring to bring in?" she asked looking around what they had already brought in. Between them there really wasn't all that much as of yet.
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