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Inherted Truth (Blood Secrets #1) by Alicia Anthony
Genre: Suspense

CW: Violence, murder

I so enjoyed this book. Alicia is actually a co-worker of mine and I wanted to support her with her first published book, but we all know how that can go. You either will be able to or feel bad if you didn't like it. Well, there was no need to feel bad about this one. It was such a great book. From the minute I started reading I couldn't put it down, I love trying to guess who the person will be at the end and how the mystery will be fully solved.

SPOILER!!: from goodreads

A woman with buried secrets…
An agent with an impossible mission…
An inheritance that will destroy them both…

When Liv Sullivan’s dead grandmother beckons for help from beyond the grave, the reluctant psychic is forced back to her small Ohio hometown. Scrambling to make sense of her grandmother’s legacy, Liv finds herself face to face with undercover Agent Ridge McCaffrey.

Assigned to protect the woman whose gifts unnerve him, all for a covert psychic intelligence operation he doesn’t understand, Ridge struggles to place duty over desire. But when a body is found at Sullivan Farm and Liv’s allegiance is called into question, Ridge’s mission becomes clear.

Can Liv unearth family secrets that are best left buried before the ghosts of her past destroy her dreams of a normal future?


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