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She looked down at her paper and thought about how uncreative, yet creative she felt with it. It wasn't what she wanted at first, but she did love the Adams family and Morticia was beautiful. Could she be that beautiful in the costume? She assumed probably not, but she was going to enjoy being her either way.

When the second question came her hand went up. "Well professor, I just need robes really, I could transfigure them into a tight black long dress since Morticia Adams really only wore that one style dress. I'd need to charm my hair black, it is long enough I think." She checked her hair length for a moment and thought maybe she needed just a bit longer.

"For the shoes, I think I have some black heels that could work. All I really need is someone to be Gomez to go with the theme." It was an afterthought that maybe she should have said that part, but it was out and something she thought would be great.

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