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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
That was a big smile. Valentin was suddenly very glad that he had set the record straight before accepting this dinner outing. Because with a smile like that, Valentin would have thought the worst of the situation. As it was whatever happened now, well it was on her.

But at least it seemed to be a genuine smile. It had been a long time since someone seemed genuinely happy to see him. He picked up the menu and glanced at it, already knowing he would order the beef casserole. "Busy," he said eyes scanning the menu just in case they had added something new. "Ze enti-muggle movemonts seems to 'ave reached paris. Ai was fieldeng cairrespondencé all mairneng." He dropped the menu back onto the table. "And 'ow as la exciténg whirld of human resur?"
Alba having already decided on a salad with some grilled chicken gave her full attention to what Valentin was talking about. She had honestly been unaware of the complete anti muggle movement. Of course she read the newspaper, but that was the extent of her knowledge. "Muggles really are not that bad." She added, well... maybe it wasn't best to get into a political debate on their first dinner outing together. "I still keep in contact with several friends from the muggle world." That prompted her memory that she needed to write Samantha back. "Do you think you'll have to return to France?" She ask him, she felt her heart sink slightly, she really had only had him as a friend for short while, she would be sad if he had to depart the country so soon.

"Well I did finally locate the Mysteries employee I needed." She said thinking back to the memory of Valentin helping her fiend her way. "Thanks again for helping me." She added, and then thought about that coffee incident again and blushed slightly. "And once again sorry about the coffee." Whew okay, she needed to stop apologizing for things... she had done so already.
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