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Hands shoved deep in her pockets, Cora gazed stone-faced and stubborn at Trent as he went on and on and on AND ON. She knew better than to tell him to put a sock in it too, but that didn't mean she wasn't thinking it. Because she definitely was and it was probably clear from her bored expression.

But if he thought honestly wasn't the best policy, then fine. She'd remember that next time he wanted to know why she hadn't completed her homework or when she got caught in the corridors after curfew. She was good at telling fibs if that's what he wanted.

And to prove it, she turned her attention to the portrait. "Sorry, yeah?" It lacked any sincerity or conviction, but there it was. Her hands remained in her pockets though, and she turned back to the Headmaster. "And are you gonna make her apologise to me as well? She basically assaulted me."

And what was Carsyn still hanging around for? Enjoying the show, was she?

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