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Originally Posted by Sangeetha View Post
Kaira smiled at the older boy. 'Thank you, I'm fine,' she said, gratefully.

Oh, he was a perfect. She followed his gaze to see two other boys, one of them she had met earlier. Seems like they had casted the spell. Oh well, now she didn't want anyone to be in trouble because of her.
Originally Posted by Weasley174 View Post
Tom looked at his wand and then back at the guy, he was going to give it another try when suddenly he heard voices... okay so the first spell failed and he still couldn't figure out why... that was until he remembered and he blushed a little.

"Oh, I know where I went wrong... I forgot the wand movement." He sighed, but he wasn't going to attempt it now because well there was someone heading this way.

"Hey!" He saw a prefects badge on the girls robes and near her was his fellow first year... he had seen her earlier. "Hi Kaira, who's your new friend?" Yeah seriously who was this girl.

"Oh i'm just reading up on spells, you know in case we need them." He quickly put his wand back away.
“Good, what happened? Did you trip on something or…” leaving his sentence trail off, curious if she noticed something about how she tripped. He wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone had cast the trip jinx as a joke.

As he headed towards the two boys, Ewan couldn’t help but notice one of the boys, the younger one, had his wand out as he approached. Didn’t he know you’re not allowed to cast spells around the school? Doing his best not to jump to conclusions, he just stared down at the first-year infant “You’re not allowed to cast spells in the corridors or around the school”, his expression neutral and calm as he watched the baby Gryffindor put his wand away. He didn’t know if he’d cast something to trip Kaira but they did know each other so that seemed less likely but still, it looked suspicious.

"You're lucky I found you and not a teacher or headboy"
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