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Default Blake (and Curtis, you're here)
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"Hello, Professor," Bernie greeted the man, happily reading the board as she walked in and tried to decide where to sit. If they were going to be discussing Halloween, were they going to get Halloween CANDY as well??? Candy was one of the few things Bernie cared deeply about at this point in her life. And also, she wondered what all the coloring utensils were for. Halloween cards to go with the candy???

She drifted further into the classroom as more and more students arrived and pushed her into the corner of a desk. Oh, well, was this a Slytherin table? She noticed the older boy, the one who had been forced out of Defense class for being late, sitting here... and look who was with him!

"Blake Ryan!' Bernie declared loudly, sitting down across from him with a grin. Well, her seat was chosen. She turned to the other Slytherin too. "Hi, I'm Bernie. I hope we get Halloween candy today."
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