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Default Transfiguration I: Halloween Costumes


For today’s Transfiguration seminar, the class is being held in one of the larger classrooms, to allow extra space and for ease of all involved. Don’t worry too much though, that just means your classroom is closer to the Great Hall and you have a few extra minutes to eat your sandwiches. Remember, Professor Eris’ expects you to have built up plenty of energy for today’s lesson, especially considering we have just finished lunch and it is Monday. You are still feeling refreshed after the weekend, yes?

As you step into the class Professor Eris is waiting for you, wearing a deep navy set of robes. He’s leaning on the front of his desk, relaxed and waiting for you all to arrive. There is a large rail to the side of his desk, as tall as the Professor and easily two arm spans long. Upon looking it over further though the only thing you can see past the purple velvet cover, are the feet - and unfortunately that doesn’t give you much clue towards the lesson today.

Today, the tables are set up for group work, 2x2 desks create four spaces per area and there are piles of a5 and a4 cut pieces of parchment in the middle of each cluster. Between the piles, is a tub filled with a wide variety of colouring pencils.

As you get comfortable, if you look past the covered rail and Professor Eris himself you will see that there is a single word written on the blackboard behind his desk.

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OOC: Hello! And welcome to our first OOC class of this year! For your information, this class is happening on Monday, 26th of October 2100 and it is, as mentioned, just after lunch! IC-wise please remember that we are almost two months into classes with Professor Eris’ so this wouldn’t be your first time meeting him.

Before joining us, please make sure you have read the rules and expectations for Transfiguration this term.

Class will officially start in roughly 24 - 36 hours from this post.