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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Conversation of steeping tea aside, he found his latest patron quite fascinating and appreciated finding another kindred artistic spirit in the sea of people who frequented Diagon Alley. It showed in his gaze and the thoughtful stroking of his well groomed facial hair. "I'm a bit of a nigh owl myself, though can honestly say that I've never found myself covered with clay at 3 am. Wood shavings and wax, however..."

"Pottery," he nodded in praise. "A precise and delicate art, so I've observed. No wonder you are also well versed in the art of tea brewing." He reached over a bit and turned the pages slowly and purposefully, a particular spread in mind but allowing her plenty of time to stop him should she see something she liked in the meanwhile. "There are some lovely terracotta ink swatches and more rustic stylings, something reflective of your interest in poetry if you fancy."
Wood shavings and wax? What an evocative image. Grace tilted her head at him and squinted, imagining him a bit as a Greek god in statue form, emerging from the work material like a flower from the soil. He was practically a work of art already with those cheekbones. "I really don't care that much about tea. You don't have to continue talking about it to suit me."

In fact, if she never talked about tea again, she'd be delighted. "Can I be honest with you?" With the heaviest of dramatic sighs, Grace placed both hands on the book to keep him from turning any more pages. "What time does this place close?"

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