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Text Cut: Alba
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
"I know what you mean about paperwork. Welcome to Human resources." Then they had stopped moving for the moment. Alba had been rather forward with the dinner invite, but Valentin wasn't running for the hills so at least Alba was saved from that embarrassment.

Alba smile spread across her face when he mentioned he would like having a dinner companion. Actually getting to talk to someone other than her cat a dinner would be a huge improvement on her day. She needed friends... but then the blush that was fading form her cheeks when she first asked resurfaced with his last statement. Although Alba would be fooling herself is she didn't think there could have been something with time, she had after all greatly enjoyed their time together, even it had just been over a few minuets, she also understood. "Well no denying you are handsome." Alba added smiling from ear to ear, thinking she had nothing to loose at this point. And given the indication about which gender he preferred, Alba was much less embarrassed "I'm okay with a dinner companion and a friend." She was more excited about the prospect of having a friend than any kind of romantic encounter anyway. Her heart was still healing after all.

Perhaps he had misjudged her intentions. In fact he was glad he had. "Good," he nodded. He was certain the compliment was meant as a way to lighten the blow her no, but he didn't care. "Zen next week." He produced a small rectangle of paper form a pocket and handed it over to her. On it was his information in the style of an old-fashioned business or calling card. "Send an owl wiv la details."

He began walking again and soon they had reached the stairs. "If you go up one flight, and tak a left. Le entry eez 'ard to miss." The idea of warning her about the entry to the department entered his mind. His information about level 9 was mostly from rumors and conjectures. Besides, it wasn't his problem if the information was true. He'd never personally entered the Department of Mysteries and while he was intrigued by what he'd heard, Valentin had little wish to experience it first hand. Too many of the rumors were about things going wrong in there. He was too vain to risk his looks. Perhaps he could get information out of her at their dinner? Yes, he liked that idea.

"Good luck," he offered, flashing one of his more charming smiles. And then, he turn walked off.
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