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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
Humor…again. It was endearing her to Valentin, well, as much as one could endear themselves to Valentin. Better then humor, it was self-deprecating humor, which Valentin thought the best kind. Not that he engaged in it himself. Valentin Roux never did anything that degraded himself, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t take joy in others’ humor. Still…he was surprised to hear her say that she only had broken something once. He had a feeling that she might not be telling the truth though.

And then she lost some points for telling him that she had followed a boy into the muggle world. ” Anyoné zat makés you give up a part of you, isn’t wairth yur tim.” He realized he had spoken aloud and snapped his jaw shut, teeth grinding a little.

He was getting irritated with himself and therefore was happy for the subject change, even if it wasn’t a topic he liked discussing. Which was odd, because one would think someone as arrogant as Valentin would enjoy talking about himself. ” Well, ai started wairkeng wiv tradeng standards. Ét zen a posishé-on opened on le francais wizardeng seats ét ai applied. Aftair zat, ai sairt of just fell into thengs.” He really didn’t want to get into the technicalities of the position.

Alba had felt that the lightness of the conversation seemed to take a turn. Maybe she would have been better off lying about why she was in the muggle world. But she wasn't into lying, she had made mistakes as a young witch fresh out of school, and some of that was embarrassing yes, but she had come out of for the better.

"Well, live and learn, years of experience made me realize that too." Alba shrugged her shoulders, unsure of where to go next. She smiled while he talked about how he landed the job of ambassador. "Well I've always believed everything happens for a reason." It appeared they were reaching the end of the corridor, since Valentin seemed he was going to escort her all the way, it would appear that their interaction was close to end... unsure how a gentleman would feel about it ... but ... Alba blushing slightly "So listen..." she hesitated for only a moment. "I'm tired of eating leftovers for dinner ... would you ... she took a deep breath and swallowed. "Would you be interested in dinner sometime?" unable to resist blushing even redder she waited ...
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