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Text Cut: Wand Form - Minjae
Originally Posted by DuckyLinJi View Post
*Hopes this is open*Hiya! i'd love to have a wand for my hufflepuff , thank you very much!

Charter's Name: Minjae Yoon
Brief Description of Your Character's Personality: He is honest, mischievous, loud and an extrovert
Character's Strongest Form of Magic/Strongest Spell They Can Perform: Defensive spells are his strength. Strongest spell: Protego Maxima
Wand Size/Length:11"
Wood Type(s):Alder
Wood Flexibility:Unyielding
Core:Unicorn hair
Wand Detailing: nothing specific, surprise me ^^
Where Did Your Character Purchase His/Her Wand:Ollivanders
Wand Image:none

I am/was open for requests! Sorry my fault for not posting it.

Hope you like it!

Open for more Requests!
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