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Text Cut: Alba
Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post
Blushing red again as if the lift incident had just happened.. "It really wasn't my fault." Alba felt the need to defend that for some reason. "It started with a malfunction with the memo system, and I was trying to catch a memo and ran into it. Superficial damage really ... my shoulder took the brunt of it." Alba adding thinking that her shoulder still would catch some times after that.

"Eight year is a long time! You should be commended, I spent the last eight years in the muggle world." Alba added "Well nine really." She had been back in the wizarding world for just about a year. So really she still shouldn't be the 'new' person in the ministry but she still felt like it. "I love being in human resources, it's even more fun with wizards and witches! Although muggles never cease to amaze me either." Alba smiled. As they were walking down the hall Alba tripped on something .... air?? Who knows, she stumbled a bit, but was able to catch herself before she feel.

He assumed that the young lady could use an escort to the entry to Department of Mysteries, so as he led the way down the hallways. ”Et zat was enough fair you to not tak a lift again?” Funny what caused people to act the way they did. ”Ai 'aven’t 'aird zat zéir was steehl an issué wiv la memos.” Then again, not talking to one’s boss would making receiving information like that hard to learn.
He shrugged. Eight years really wasn’t that long. Especially when one moved from country to country after a few years. But nine years in the muggle world? Well, this young lady just keep getting more interesting. ”Why on airth would you spénd nine yairs as a muggle? Waire you beeng punished fair zumtheng?” because that was the only reason he could think of for willingly removing magic from your life.

And then she stumbled again. What was this girl’s issue? Did she have vertigo or something? ”Do you need a héailair?” he asked, one of his eyebrows raised and in that moment he made the decision to accompany her to the entry of Mysteries and that was it.
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