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Originally Posted by MunchyBubbles View Post
Orion was on his way to the kitchen. Black hoodie on. Black jeans on, the hoodie’s hood was pulled up over his head and his face was hidden somewhere in the depths, this was how he usually travelled around. A mysterious figure shrouded in black..

Though really he had gotten comfortable with it all. And liked the privacy it afforded him. He could be sobbing silent tears and no one would know. He wasn’t.. but he could be.

No, today he was deep in thought about his first kiss. It had come as a bit of a surprise, and while he was proud of himself for not knocking her over or being an awkward gangle creature, he was also.. sad? Or.. maybe.. thoughtful? He had convinced himself it didn’t mean any thing, so it should have just slipped away into the rivers of thoughts he didn’t deal with anymore..

But he couldn’t get the kiss or her out of his mind.

He rolled his eyes at himself. Of course. The first person besides Carsyn to be nice to him and he had to go fall for them. Why was he so soft inside? He was supposed to not care about anything.. but he did. Sadly

Maybe some tea would help? Or.. something?
Coming from the great hall after what could only be described as a disappointing breakfast was a one, Ewan Jones, a scowl on his usually happy face. If someone were to catch a glimpse of him now, he might look intimidated or scary, what with his 6ft2 from and an expression that clearly stated ‘Do not bug me today’ etched across his face. Why is he scowling you might ask? Well, there were no pancakes for breakfast this morning! NONE! Not one single golden-brown pancake, covered in fruit and syrup was to be found on all four of the house tables! What was going on? Had the house elves suddenly lost their minds and stopped making his favourite breakfast snack? How dare they!

Deep down, he knew that the rage emanating from him wasn’t really about the pancakes or the lack of them but it was just nice to have something to blame all of his anger and pent up aggression on.

Walking up the corridor now, his eyes on the floor in front of him as he made his way to the kitchen, ready to give the house elves a piece of his mind, the prefect couldn’t help but notice someone coming from the opposite way. Adjusting his trajectory ever so slightly for reasons only known for him, he was now on a collision course for the hooded figure. Maybe this would be his chance to release all of his pent up emotions…
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