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Originally Posted by Krel Ansell View Post
”It kan be an interesting potion to study,” he said choosing his words carefully. The contract he had signed didn’t allow him to say much and when he did start to say something he shouldn’t, it tied up his tongue for about a half hour. So he tried very hard not to share too much. About his work at the Ministry at least. His personal work? Well he could talk a person’s ear off, if they let him. ”I find volfsbane to be efen more interesting," he said trying to change the topic so that he didn’t have to worry about what he was saying. ”I am trying to lessen ze amount zat a person needs to take.” So far, he hadn’t been successful though. It was quite frustrating, but wasn’t enough to make him stop his research. ”I zink zat it is just a matter uff ingredient ratio to brewing to star chart connection or it kould just be as simple as adding anozzer ingtredient.” He trailed off believing he was rambling. Nobody ever really liked to hear his theories on potions.

The two of them were standing there for a few minutes and then Mariana was handing him a paper and a pen. Oh…he was going to have to re-write everything? That might be a problem. ”Ah…” he said looking at the pen owlishly. ”Ist it a problem if I use a translation quill?” he asked, blushing. If he was alone, he could have taken his time to write it out, but with his eyesight and his ESL issues, he didn’t want to keep Mariana waiting too long. He reached into his jacket. His translation quill was tucked in by his folded up support cane that, yes, he still carried around.

The rambling didn't bother Mariana so much, who was known to ramble about plants from time to time, particularly when she was excited about something she'd discovered. She got it. Being passionate about ones work was a definite plus as far as she was concerned. "Well, keep at it. It sounds like you could be on to something." She gave him an encouraging smile.

"As long as the form gets completed, use whatever quill you'd like." It certainly didn't matter to her as long as the information was correct. "I'll just let you do that, then." She stepped back, giving the man some room to work. In the meantime, she fished the packet of chewing gum from her pocket and grabbed herself a piece to chew on.
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