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Originally Posted by Cassirin View Post
Perhaps it wasn't the smartest way to spend her first paycheck, but Chloe Kettleburn had budgeted every penny of that check and juuuuuust a little left over for something frivolous. Like maybe an owl, so she and Derf could keep in touch with their family and friends without having to send off a patronus every time they wanted to make lunch plans.

Chloe touched the cage of a little pygmy owl and made cooing noises at it. The hand of the man next to her came into view, and she sucked in some breath. "Oh, dear... have you tried murtlap essence? Those burns will scar, I'm afraid."
Merlin's beard! The owls were talking now! William nearly jumped out of his skin as he reached for a bag of owl pellets, and in fact banged the burned hand against a shelf.

"Son of a banshee!" he swore not-so-quietly, shaking his hand out now as it stung from the impact with the shelf. Boggarts! Which owl in here was talking now, huh? He glanced down and held hands with himself, as though massaging his stinging knuckles would make them feel better.

Oh. It wasn't an owl after all. It was a h00man. A girl. A young thing, who apparently knew stuff about murtlaps. "No kidding, huh," he responded, just a little grouchy because she'd spooked him. "I mean, yeah. I have some murtlap essence.... at home." He used to carry some with him at all times, but hadn't needed it lately. "These are old burns anyway. They only sting when you hit your hand on something."

He tried to give the girl a smile, but was aware that it came off like a grimace. Wounded hand and all that. "Buying an owl? Pygmies can't travel as far as bigger ones, you know." She probably did know that. Who was he kidding? He wasn't that useful anymore.
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