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SPOILER!!: Andrei
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
And that was what had drawn him to her to start, what had helped push him out of his shell crafted in formalities and suppression. She had taught him how to do that himself...and, perhaps, he had not been ready to learn and take on the lesson. He hadn't been as strong as he thought, not as composed. He was now, so he hoped.

Smiles at her words, certain urges causing his fingers to twitch but it would be inappropriate and he had already pushed the boundaries a bit too far by embracing her and holding her against his chest. "As well as make a difference in something greater than ourselves, contributing to something," he added with thoughtful insight as his chestnut brown eyes took her in a bit more.

He felt as though she were holding back, perhaps not in the details of her life but with...something else, but did not press nor pry. He chuckled a bit under his breath at the mention of training - though the relief in her having people was a prominent undertone. Not that he doubted her ability to draw others to her, Emilia had always been immaculate in that sense. "I still share a place with Asmund. A colleague of mine at the Russian Ministry. We were at Durmstrang together though we ran very different circles there." So it was unlikely that she would recall the pale haired fellow. "Still a bit reclusive with a finite group of friends, though it expands a little on occasion because of my uncle's introductions to his former pupils. I somewhat recently taught one of them the basics of elemental magic." Which was what his fire bending and taming was all rooted in. "....and I still have not picked up a flute since...that time."

"Trying, anyway." Emilia wasn't so sure that she'd contributed anything of importance up to this point, but she was trying hard every day to prove herself and maybe that was enough for now.

"His name doesn't sound familiar," The brunette confessed, unsuccessfully trying to put a face to the name. "Do you two get on well?" It was strange thinking of all the people he had in his life now that she didn't know, probably wouldn't ever know. People he was giving pieces of himself to. She supposed it was the same for her and she wondered if it made him feel the same things she was. "I can picture it, you teaching your elemental magic. That look of concentration on your face..." She smiled a little, looking down for a moment and shaking her head. "It's nice, passing something on that you're passionate about. It's sort of how I felt when I helped Sam with her combat. Maybe it's how Bast felt when he taught me." She looked thoughtful as she chewed her lip. "Anyway, it's a nice way to make a connection with someone. Are the two of you friends now, then?" Him and his uncle's former pupil, that is. She was curious. Also, she liked talking like this. It had been so long and she wanted to soak up every detail he was willing to share. There was relief, too. Relief in knowing that he'd found peace, or so it seemed. She'd wanted that for him.

At the mention of his flute, Emilia's expression softened and she reached for his hand without a second thought, just wanting to comfort him somehow. "Do you ever miss it? Just..playing to enjoy the music?"

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