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Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post

Fortunately for Caleb, he hadn't misread the situation at all. Yassi continued smiling brightly, accidentally snorting at what he said next. She gave him a rather sheepish look, though she wasn't at all embarrassed. "You have quite the sense of humor, Caleb," it was nice. She felt as if people were far too serious around here. It was very understandable and of course she took her own work quite seriously... But... Laughter was important. As was joy. It incentivized better work, in Yassi's opinion.

"Really?" She found herself smiling again. "What a beautiful coincidence that I met his son." Or maybe it wasn't a coincidence at all. These things were often fate. "Yes," she nodded, her eyes were filled with pride. She loved her students and loved the work, itself. That much was hopefully very evident. Again, Yassi found herself perking up with interest. "I bet you come across the most interesting things!""

A beautiful coincidence? That way to put it. Caleb chuckled a little and nodded. "Yeah, maybe so," he said in agreement, flashing her a smile.

Ah, so he had been right about her being an apparition teacher. He remembered when his father had been in charge of that - and it had been a sort of disaster. Floo powder had always been his forte. "Sometimes - it kind of depends. Sometimes people submit charms for review that are not at all ready to be tested. It can get a bit...explosive up there," he told her with another chuckle.

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