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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
Yes it was....a rather unfortunate topic of conversation and one of the least riveting ones ZachaŽl had endured from a customer in a while now, but he was also accustomed to catering to whatever topic customers came up with. It was all about the customer service, after all. "So one minute is positively sacrilegious when it comes to tea doctrine," chuckles a little, though has always found his own methods to be sufficient. "Perhaps I am simply too impatient a fellow for tea."

Modern and mimilastic...she was in the entirely wrong binder for that. Or at least far too close to the front of that particular binder to be anywhere close to that aesthetic. "May I?" asked before reaching over, his fingers accidentally brushing against hers, as he flipped through a few pages toward some sample closer to her preference. "An art student though...what genre of art?"
Grace actually yawned into her teacup, although it wasn't him that was boring. It was them. Together. Talking about tea and paper. Cute but boring, wasn't it always the way? "I think tea is one of those drinks for the truly patient and exacting. I generally drink black coffee and over priced seltzers, which is why I never sleep and end up covered in clay at 3 am."

She allowed him to take the binder from her, jumping a little when he touched her hand. Boring, but still very cute. No denying that. "I study interior design and architecture, but I dabble in pottery. Some sculpture." Now that he'd pointed her to the right section of the book, Grace did see that the patterns were much more in line with her personal aesthetic. The man had a good idea. "I like your work."

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