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She felt her cheeks warm when he lifted her hand and kissed it. It was the softest and sweetest touch. Her thoughts were going to possibly not such soft thoughts, but she tried to get her thinking clear. She didn't want to come off as dumb in front of him, though thinking back on all their interactions she couldn't help but feel like she already had. She caught her self more then once with that awe struck look when he was in his element at the ministry, doing something sweet, or talking about his family.

Him saying yes made her heart jump, but she kept herself calm even if she wanted to jump up and down with excitement. Not feeling her age at the moment she had to remind herself she was older and acting like a school girl would be frowned upon.

"A date?" Did he really have to ask? She felt like she had it written all over her face for awhile. "I would love to go on a date with you." Something was pulling at her thoughts, but her excitement was pushing it away. No, she really had to keep a level head. "Charles? What about work?" Was this allowed, to date the minister?

Why did she have to be so professional?
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