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Originally Posted by Lissy Longbottom View Post
In the process of studying for OWLs, Trinetta had somehow managed to...melt her old cauldron. She still wasn't sure how it happened, but her boil curing potion had destroyed the cauldron. Thankfully it had been just a few hours before her exam, and since they provided the equipment she'd been able to still get through her exam just fine - although now, she needed a replacement before term started.

What kind of cauldron would be good for NEWT level classes? She planned on keeping potions, and only dropping a few - History of Magic, Ancient Runes and Arithmancy were all the likely candidates to drop. She browsed the cauldrons as she thought it over, thinking bronze was probably the best one to go with. Hmmmm.
Isla had been to Diagon Alley many times before, but this time was different. This time, she was school shopping--for magical school! She'd looked forward to this for years, and even though she was still a little sad to leave behind muggle school and all the friends she'd made, she was ready for a new adventure.

She wanted to just run and get everything right this very second! She needed a wand, some robes, school books, a cauldron... Oh! Speaking of needing a caulron... "Hey, Mom! There's the cauldron shop!" she said, her excitement showing in her tone of voice. Without even waiting to hear a response, the up-and-coming first year opened the door to the shop and stepped inside.

She had never before seen so many cauldrons in one place. It was kind of exciting in a weird sort of way. She wandered over by a row of them, taking a spot just to the right of some other girl. "Mom?" she asked, spotting her mom and little sister, Ava, wandering down the row to join her. "What kind of cauldron do I need again?"
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