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Originally Posted by natekka View Post

Summer was here and she was going to make the most of it! Her parents had reluctantly agreed to drop her off in Diagon Alley with some summer spending money and she was very pleased. They hadn't let her go on her own last year - which she was still sour about, could you tell? - so this was a HUGE deal and she wanted to explore EVERY. SINGLE. SHOP.

At that precise moment, she was inside a music shop with a funny sounding name, browsing through the many albums that the shop had. Her parents probably wouldn't approve of some of them but that was part of the fun of this outing. She could buy anything she wanted! As long as it wasn't age-restricted, of course.

Malia started whistling as she looked through the music. She was already having so much fun!
Charlie flipped through more music, moving further and further down the bins. She was in her own world, bobbing her head to some song that only she could hear since she didn’t have music playing out loud.

She was so busy flipping through all of the music, happy that she didn’t have have her parents right beside her that she wasn’t paying any attention to anything around her. She kept moving and flipping, moving and.... she hit something. A small hmpf left her mouth as she tried to see what she hit, because she had been here before. She knew where she was going. What in Merlin could she have hit? Oh no she bumped into someone. She tried to grab the counter for balance so neither of them would fall.
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