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Tehilla had been eager for this day to arrive. After the disappointing placement, swallowing her pride had been tough. The sixteen year old had not previously been aware she was capable of such bitter disappointment for anything that defined as pertaining to the wizarding world. It was why she had applied to the ministry internship in the first place; on the assumption that she would be pleased with whatever placement she would get.

That had not been the case. She had worked on herself, and had shown up to her first day all smiles and ready to give Transportation a chance. That, and Vitality had said good first impressions are everything. Who knows which department heads are friends? Perhaps word would get to Mr. Flamsteed. Perhaps.

With that same mentality, Tehilla had shown up today with all the professionalism she could muster. She had her wand, just in case they would let her use it, and she had her notes from the tour of Level Six, and a list of important people to contact in case she needed anything within the ministry. She even had the instructions detailing how to conduct an emergency summoning of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Tehilla did not believe she would need it, but she needed to always be prepared. It wasn't paranoia, it was forward thinking. She needed to know these things more than anyone else did.

"Good morning Kodee." the Ravenclaw greeted her fellow intern with a smile, and kept her distance. Kodee Chosen made her nervous with his unpredictability. Best keep a wide berth, just in case. "How are you today?"

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