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Jillian Kim was excited that she got accepted for the summer internship in the ministry of magic. Her father would have wanted her to be part of the Level 1 but that's just him keeping an eye on her. She figured that this would be a great summer for her to do some 'adulting' now that she's sixteen.

She loves magical creatures, of course she mainly grew up with dragons but nevertheless she enjoyed watching her father worked with them. Jillian knows that having to work here means dealing with all types of creatures and she has to be very cautious at that.

They were mainly briefed about their tasks for this summer, the creature holding room is one of them. Actually, it is the biggest part of their task. Scared? A little bit. What if she is not familiar with the creature or one of them manages to get out of the room. That would be bad... like, reallllly bad.

After tying her hair in a clean pony tail she grabbed herself a pair of gloves. She was going to feed them first and then clean them later, seems like an easy task.

Her heart was beating fast.
Yes, she is very nervous. A lot of scenarios playing in her thoughts. The worst one would be her accidentally releasing all the creatures in this room.

Calm down... calm down...
She takes a big deep breath. "You can do this, Jillian" she whispered to herself. And off she goes.

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