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Oh, goody.

Benny hadn’t brought up his father. It was still somewhat of a sensitive topic for him. Adi simply proceeded to eat his food with gusto, consuming all of it a few minutes later. He eyed the sandwiches. “So… are you going to finish all of those?’’ he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Benny was basically nibbling at the sandwiches. Adi definitely made up in terms of size of appetite.

“Yeah, we do. Raj seems to not mind being outdoors a lot. I wonder if he’ll take a liking for the dragons more than the griffs. Or the other way around. Of course, he could go for neither…’’ Adi trailed off in thoughts of all the possibilities that his and Benny’s only son would show an interest in.

Whatever they were, Adi couldn’t wait to find out.
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