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Smiles fondly at her, at the memories. They seemed like centuries ago and almost like two different people. It was...peculiar how life could turn out. "I can it," chuckles a little under his breath while taking another sip from the mug of coffee. "You trusted me with that side of yourself." Something he almost felt as though he had taken for granted in the years that followed. Something he lamented the absence of now.

He did not miss the charm in her next comments and even ran a hand through his hair to pull some of the rich chocolate locks forward as though inspecting for grey hairs. "Most look up to me in a more literal sense." He did...tend to tower over people now, which was a curious juxtaposition to the small feeble boy who played the flute. "Sitting behind a desk never suited either of us...and it shows," gestures between the two of them, the paths in life they had taken. "But...besides have you been?"

Information he...rather yearned to know. Whatever she was willing to offer.

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