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Originally Posted by Gringotts Goblins View Post
The window goblin tried not to look annoyed at the delay. Was it necessary to start hanging signs asking customers to have their documentation ready before approaching the window?

The goblin accepted both the key and the wand, carefully inspecting both. After consulting a book of paperwork, he nodded and then handed the items back. "Very well."

He then addressed the next person in line.

"Vault as well?" Efficiency would work best in this situation.
Yassi gave the globin a most grateful look. She wasn't typically this disorganized. It was always at the worst times when things like this happened. Giving him a sheepish smile, she stepped aside for the person behind her.
Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Bennett returned her exasperated look with a knowing smile. "No problem." he said. He's had days like that.

Bennett nodded and hurried up to the window with both his key and his wand. He turned to the lady that had addressed him just moments ago. "Looks like it's two for one today."
Yassi laughed politely at the stranger's comment. "Certainly looks like it," she agreed. His pleasant mood helped put her at ease. Something the Goblin's hidden annoyance had failed to do. Not that... Not that it was anyone's job to put her at ease, she certainly did not expect that from others. It was just... Nice.
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