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Originally Posted by Nordic Witch View Post

Cole entered the Beauxbatons carriages with a mixed feeling of relief and some sadness. The year hadn't been anything like he had hoped, going to his mothers old place of schooling. He had gotten good grades, but hadn't ended up on the house leader board for best hp scorers or met any veelas. Cole was still laughed about by the other houses and especially the french as the guy that got himself into accidents or unfortunate events like when he had seared his fingers in potions or thrown up at the feast. It irked him very much. He didn't like being a laughing stock by anyone.

Opening a carriage door and walking in, not looking first if it was empty or not Cole sat down on an empty seat. It wasn't until then that he noticed Trinetta sitting across from him with her eyes closed. "Err, hi Trinetta," Cole said hoping he didn't startle her. "I hope it's okay if i share this carriage with you?"
Looking up, the prefect smiled at the younger boy she'd worked with a few times in class. "Hey Cole!" she said with a grin. "Yeah, come on in!" she scooted down to make room for him.

"So...excited to be done with this term?" she asked with a small chuckle. Merlin knew she was.

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