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Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
"I definitely am, it's crazy to think I still haven't been to Hogwarts." the boy responded with a laugh. As much as it was exciting to experience school at Beauxbatons, he had definitely imagined his first year to be a lot different... not only that, but Beauxbatons didn't even go that well to begin with. So much so he had hidden away for most of the term, and that lead to a lack of new friends. He really had hoped to make more, but hopefully next year would be different.

Relief swept over Rowan as the older boy affirmed it being his final term. "Will do!" he said in response to the advice. "So, was it weird having your last term at somewhere other than Hogwarts?" he questioned. "And what's Hogwarts like? Y'know I still haven't been and all..." he trailed off, realizing he was asking quite a few questions at once.
He chuckled as the younger student mentioned it being crazy. If the kid only knew just how wild and crazy his full seven terms at Hogwarts had been, and if only he could properly prepare him for the unknown of all things Hogwarts. Smiling he answered his first question, "It was. I think that had this happened my first year or sometime before my last year I may have been all in and loved it. But I missed Hogwarts too much."

He missed the damp dungeons where his common room was, he missed the kitchen with the kind house elves looking after him making sure he had all the food he could need as a growing boy. He was really going to miss that place even though it tried to kill him twice. "Its an amazing place. It's so overwhelming at first. You'll find yourself lost or confused on why its so big.... but eventually you can sleep walk through the castle." He chuckled because he had done that a time or two. "Its the kind of place where odd things will happen, but those at Hogwarts will always have your back if you have its back." He nodded his head because it was extremely true time and time again while he was a student.
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