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Originally Posted by BanaBatGirl View Post
"Well well well, we meet again," Bernadette murmured as she approached the snack station. THIS TIME, however, she had her small cloth bag STUFFED with sickles, and was WELL-PREPARED to beat this machine. She didn't even need ANY help from elves OR humans, because she knew EVERYTHING THERE WAS TO KNOW about magic.

Now then, what were cockroach clusters? Should she buy a bunch to take home before she would spend all summer surrounded by Muggles?
All Missa wanted to do was EAT these days. SO naturally the brunette's first stop after settling in was the Snack Corner.

Pulling out a small pouch from her pocket, she looked over the contents on the counter. HMMM.

"Do those pastries look worth so many galleons to you?" she asked the young girl [Bernadette] there. Because if she was stuffing her face with pastries, she sure couldn't buy herself some sandwiches. And if she bought the sandwiches, she could come back for seconds - which was also important because this was going to be a LONG ride after all.

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