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Bloody hell. What was that look all about? He was merely answering her question, so the chilly response was hardly warranted. Tilting his head to the side, he twirls a few of his chocolate curls and studied her a bit....curiously. The reception was one that almost made him wonder if he had some wet owl droppings on his shoulder, or his hair, but his concerns were slightly relieved as she suggested going inside to take a peek at the stationary options.

And apparently asking about whether or not he sold hats had been a rhetorial inquiry? Scoping out the competition? Bloody hell if he knew.

"Certainly," nods cordially as he pulls open and holds the door for her. "I start all the way at the beginning with paper selection. If you just take a seat over at the table there by the window I'll be right back with my binder of samples for you to look at."

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