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If only Sachin had known that Valentin had tried to go out with Conley and if he were the type to gloat, he’d do exactly the latter. He had been the one to successfully go on multiple dates with Conley which eventually led to them falling for each other. As it was, at present Valentin was annoying Sachin. Not that the Indian Ambassador was panicking about being stuck in the elevator but who on Earth would care more about their clothing than getting out of the situation. “Majaak nahin,’’ he muttered, and resisted the strong urge to roll his eyes at Valentin. The words meant ‘no kidding’.

Due to the combination of the Unlocking Charm being a failure and the fact that Sachin had turned to see Valentin leaning against one of the walls of the lift, Sachin felt the irritation in him double. “Why don’t you do something helpful for a change then?’’ he snapped. But it was a good idea and Sachin was ready to leave this irritating man behind. “Expecto Patronum,’’ he murmured, his eyes closed to focus on one of the happiest moments of his life: when that silver band had been placed on his finger.

A Himalayan Wolf burst forth. Sachin intended for it to find Conley with a message.
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