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It didnít take long in her wandering, for Holly to reach the large magnificent image of the Rose Gardens that were - or was that, that had been - the pride of the Beauxbatons Headmistress. Until the Dragon arrived and set them all aflame. Whoops. If she hadnít been on their backs all term and trusted them, perhaps they would have noticed the dragon sooner and saved more of those gorgeous roses than they had managed to save in the end. Maybe, they wouldnít have spent so much of the term with fingers pointed at them, when they had been innocent all along.

Maybeís werenít going to get her anywhere though, so she turned her back on the painting and kept walking through the corridors.

She didnít really have anything in mind, simply that she had too much energy after the ball last night to sit still. So, she walked around the corridors a few times waiting to see if she happened upon anyone she knew, rather than looking for anyone specifically.
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