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Hey guys, thanks for coming back even though I've skipped a week. I have been having the worst time with the software my story is written on. It keeps crashing and I have a hard time recovering it. Anyway, here is the chapter that was supposed to post last week. I hope you like it. This chapter is the final chapter that opens up the new story line. Some of the plot was introduced in previous chapters so hopefully the story arc will be suspenseful for you. Remember that we all love the Weasleys and need to be patient while things go badly for Harry. It won't always be like this but it will seem like it. So on with the next chapter. Enjoy.

Chapter 3

Trouble At The Joke Shop

After Ginny went on up to bed Carson went to Harry and asked if he could check him out. “I've been concerned about you, but figured you'd call John or Jack to bring me home if you needed me. I assume you took a swim when you got home. You look a considerable bit better than I thought you would.”

Harry was happy and content to be home. Without thinking of anyone watching him he yawned and stretched pumping his muscles taut and nodded lazily. He focused on Carson when he nodded but before he could say anything Ron came in the house and complained loudly. “Can't you ever just be normal, Harry? What do you do all day long because every time I come over here you're showing off your body.”

Harry frowned and asked what he needed. “It's early, Captain, and I'd like to see my kids for a couple minutes before they go to bed. Hogwarts will be starting in a couple days, and I haven't been able to-” He looked despairingly at the floor and then said, “What do you need Captain?”

Ron said, “Rose said she left her cell phone here and since the game just ended Hermione figured nobody would be in bed and wanted me to come and get it for her.”

Harry said, “Its safe and secure on your dining room table. I saw it when I got home and after I cleaned up and rested for a bit I took it over. Don't worry though I didn't go inside. I just magiced it onto the table I saw through the blinds. I remembered that she had been grounded from having it yesterday so I wanted her to be able to have it when she was allowed again. And before you start correcting my feeble mind; I had to put the events of the last three months behind me so I could concentrate on playing and then trying to heal myself. My time frame is wonky for me right now. I didn't realize it wasn't yesterday that she got grounded from her cell phone. At least she has it now.”

Ron asked if he needed to see a doctor and Harry said he'd be fine and things would work out gradually. Ron moved cautiously and said, “I can't believe I was able to play the whole game. It was a lot of fun though wasn't it?”

Harry turned up one side of his lips in a small grin and said, “I would have been fine with watching rather than playing. If I could have had a day to rest and heal some I might have been able to.”

Ron looked quickly at John and the others. “Harry have you told them about the assassins; I mean you getting all of them. Did they help. Is that how you were able to get done so quickly? We figured it'd take several years if you lived through it.”

Harry stood up and went over to Lily who was asleep leaning on Teyla's shoulder. James and Albus were sitting up but their eyes were glazed over from the excitement wearing off and trying to stay awake to visit with their father. “Let me get my kids to bed, Captain. How about you come over tomorrow afternoon and you can listen while I tell them. I need to see to my family, my children will be going to Hogwarts and I missed their whole summer... again.”

Ron didn't say anything for a few seconds so Harry stirred Lily and his sons. He told them to go onto bed and he'd see them in the morning. They didn't want to go to bed, but Harry insisted that he was going to bed as soon as Ron left. They said good night and went on to bed and Ron grinned and sat back down.

That was a good bit of acting there, mate. I even believed it for a minute. Then I realized you just didn't want your kids to hear about all the fighting and killing you had to do.”

Harry looked sick for a minute and then he said, “I wouldn't lie to my kids, and I don't plan on talking about it anymore tonight. It's going to be time for breakfast in a few hours and I'd like to go to bed and sleep. I haven't slept in a bed since the night before I left here. Good night, Captain.”

Harry's wand appeared in his hand and he swished it and pointed to the back yard. “Your cabin is ready for you guys. I hope you all sleep well. Good night. Ron, put the perimeter barrier up after you leave please. ”

Ron turned red in the face and said, “I guess he's mad at all of us. What did you guys do, I didn't think he'd ever be mad at you guys. You're his favorite people in the world.”

Carson said that Harry was just too tired and needed to get some decent rest so he can heal properly. Ron said, “Yeah, I understand, but like he calls John, big brother or brother. He has a bad case of hero worship for you, John, like no one is worthy to walk on the same ground as you. I haven't seen him look at you or heard him say anything to you since I've been here tonight.”

John shook his head and said, “Harry is just tired and in a great deal of pain. We'll see how he is tomorrow. Good night Ron.”

Ron waved and said good night and left. Harry climbed in bed as quietly as he could, but when he tried to lay his head on his pillow he hit something hard. He caught his breath and sat up quickly. Ginny jumped and asked what was going on. Harry said he was getting in bed and hit his head on something hard on his pillow.

“Oh no! I'm sorry Love,” she giggled and said, “I wanted to wait up for you to come to bed. I got that book out to read but changed my mind because I was too sleepy. I'm sorry; I got in a habit of reading until I couldn't keep my eyes open and then just put the book on your pillow when I was done for the night.”

Harry chuckled and said it was all good. He propped himself up on his side so he could see his wife and smiled as he stroked her face gently with his thumb and then took a lock of her hair and let the heavy silky strands run through his fingers. He looked into her eyes and let his hand slip under the covers and slide over her hip and to the small of her back. He leaned in to kiss her and the phone rang. Ginny jumped and said, “Who in the world would call at this hour?!”

She slid out of Harry's arm and rolled over to answer the phone before it rang again so it wouldn't wake the kids. She could tell from the ringtone it was Ron or Hermione.

“Hello, and this better be good!”

Ginny sat up quickly and said, “Calm down, Hermione; he isn't here. Hang on I'll ask,” she said as she looked at Harry.

“Hermione is angry because Ron isn't home yet. Did he go home, or is he still visiting with John and them?”

Harry shook his head and said, “As far as I know he left. I put the cabin up and said good-night to everyone and came to bed.”

Ginny told Hermione what Harry said and a few seconds later said, “Hermione, he may have went to the pub or something, can't you call his cell phone?”

Ginny sighed and said, “Ron isn't answering his phone and she's afraid something happened to him because when she told him to come here to get Roses phone he said they'd get it tomorrow because he was tired and he wanted to get to bed.”

Harry sat up and went into the bathroom and ran water in the sink and Skryed for Ron. He came back to Ginny and climbed back in bed and told her, “He's with George at the Joke Shop having a serious discussion.”

“Hermione, just calm down and talk to him when he gets home.”

Hermione must have said something upsetting from the way Ginny acted because she changed her tune rather suddenly and said she'd have Harry go get him. But Harry shook his head and said, “I'm too tired, Gin. It isn't safe for me to go out when I'm overly tired. I can't protect myself or anyone else. Ron will find a way to call if he needs help. Tell Hermione he'll be home soon and not to worry about him.” Ginny glared at Harry and spoke into her phone, “He'll be there as soon as he gets dressed.

Harry got up and got dressed without saying a word. She looked at her husband and watched as his demeanor changed in front of her very eyes. The gentle loving husband who just minutes before was about to make love to her changed into a man without expression but his eyes burned with contempt.

He told Ginny he'd be back as soon as he could but not to wait up for him. He said things aren't always as simple as they look, so just go on to sleep in case it takes more than a coupe minutes; because whenever he gets involved things go wrong. She looked at the phone and said, “Hermione said for you to take him home.” He shook his head once and said, “Sure thing; should I tuck him in bed? Oh and hey; I could maybe sing him a lullaby too.” And then he disappeared and appeared outside the joke shop and went in since it was unlocked. The business was dark with the exception of a security light and the lighted EXIT signs. He walked carefully to the back where he heard voices. He wanted to stop and listen at first, but he kept on walking. George was saying that Harry was too dangerous to be around and it wasn't a good idea for Ron to work with him when he went back to work.

“But, George; I like being an Auror. Harry trained me and he's been nothing but good to me. And he says I'm good at it. He depends on me; we're best mates. I think you're wrong about him. He isn't a murderer, those assassins had it coming if he killed them. You said earlier that you needed me to work with you because you're having a hard time working alone. I understand you miss Fred, we all do, but you two had a special connection and I don't want to be a disappointment when you find out I can't be Fred. Honestly though, I have been thinking of working with you again as equal partners as in part owner. I was going to talk to Harry tonight when I went over to get Rose's phone, but he went to bed right away.”

“But what about all those times when you told me you couldn't stand working with him? Some of those issues were resolved but others weren't. What about how he always acts like he knows everything? What about feeling bad for Ginny for being his wife because she's alone all the time while he's off doing so called secret things? And why is he butting his nose in our family, calling our parents Mother and Father?!”

This did strike a sour chord with Ron and he said, “I know, it makes me mad when he does that, but they're just slips of the tongue when he's overwhelmed with pain or something.”

“Yeah, he wants you to think that's the reason, but he's just taking what's not his. He doesn't have any right to call them Mother and Father; not when he caused Fred's death and lost me my ear.”

By this time Harry reached the two talking men and said, “Excuse me, but I was called and asked to give Ron a message. Hermione called and said you won't answer your phone and you haven't called to let her know you went someplace else. She was upset because she thought you were still at my house, but then got worried when Ginny told her you left. I'm supposed to take you home.”

“How long have you been spying on us?! You don't have any right breaking in here and listening in on a private conversation. I think I'll press charges; I have a right to do that you know. As a matter of fact, I have a right to protect myself and Ron. Here we are having a conversation when we discover an intruder and had to use our wands on you to protect ourselves. If only you had called instead of just sneaking in on us like this.”

George drew his wand and Harry raised his arms to show he wasn't armed and not moving so George wouldn't think he had just cause to curse him. He glanced over at Ron who was standing with his mouth hanging open in shock.

Harry said, “George, you don't have reason to draw on me. I came here to get Ron. Hermione called and is worried about him; let me get him home. I wasn't listening or spying on whatever you two are talking about. Honestly I don't care, just let me take Ron home.”

Without warning George cursed him with a freeze spell. Before Harry could undo it George spoke a chant and green light came from his wand and hit Harry in the throat and then down to his heart. Harry was choking and blood gushed out of his mouth.

Ron screamed at George to stop that he was killing Harry. He tried shaking his brother but couldn't move him. Harry finally broke the spells and George was tied up and Harry was holding George's wand. He fell to the floor on his knees and Ron bent down to help him.

“Harry, are you okay? What did he do; I didn't understand what he was saying but I will say this, that looked like Dark Magic.”

Harry quickly swallowed some potions and then very weakly said, “No, I'm not okay, and yes, he was using Dark Magic. Call Hermione and tell her you are okay and you'll be home as soon as we sort out George.” Harry held a small bottle in his hand and looked at George.

Ron said, “What should I tell her? George called me just as I was about to leave your porch and then my phone died when I tried to call her to tell her I was going to see him because he sounded like he was having a problem.”

Harry looked at him and said, “So, tell her that; tell her what you just told me.” Harry handed him his cell phone and told Ron to use his to call Hermione. “But you know, you could have sent her a Patronus. Meanwhile I'm going to scan his memory and try to find out if he was cursed or what. I'll be done in a minute. You don't have to stay, but I would like to have a witness and if I can't get him sorted I'll be the one who needs help getting home.”

Ron was straining to hear Harry and couldn't hardly stand to look at him. The blood gushing from his mouth slowed down to a steady trickle down his chin and onto his chest, and he wasn't breathing well at all.

Before Harry did anything he asked George if he could search for the memory of learning the curse he used and take it from him. George nodded his head and said he didn't want that in his head and would be grateful if Harry could remove it. “I don't know why I asked to be taught that, I don't even know what it was I did or what it does. I mean obviously you are bleeding is it supposed to make you bleed to death?”

Harry heard Ron telling Hermione he would tell her everything when he got home; so he waited to take the memory from George so he wouldn't be taxed with distractions from Ron. He took his phone back when Ron handed it to him. Harry said, “This is going to be rough on you, George, because you will remember what you did and all your thoughts because there are too many conflicting things that happened. If I tried to make you forget everything then there would be too many holes in your memory and you'd be forever searching for something missing in your mind.”

Ron watched his older brother and then said to Harry, “Listen mate, I need to turn in my badge and be partners with George. He's in a bad way and needs me. I didn't know he suffered so much from losing Fred.”

Harry tried not to let his disappointment show but Ron saw it. He didn't say anything because he knew Harry was also in a lot of pain and didn't want to make Harry talk more than he needed to. Harry swallowed with difficulty and said, “I understand how he is right now, but can you give him some time to get over this first? He will be like a new man once he has all this out of his system. I don't want to sound needy, selfish or anything saying how much I need you. So I'll say this; you always wanted to be an Auror and you're a very good one. You provide a great service to our people and you help make our world safer.”

Ron laughed nervously and said, “Harry, you don't need anyone to help you. And besides, George is my brother; you're just my friend, best friend, see? I mean to say; rather I didn't mean to say just my friend it's just-”

Harry looked away from Ron and said, “Right, got ya. Forget I said anything.”

George looked up and said, “Harry, I can't believe this; can you ever forgive me? I'm so sorry.”

Harry nodded his head slightly and said, “Are you okay now, George? Do you need me to explain anything or do anything for you?”

“No, I'm good, Harry. Go ahead and take my memory and then take Ron home and then you go on home. We can talk tomorrow about what you find out.”

Stepping forward to be close to his brother-in-law he put the tip of his wand over George's temple and closed his eyes in deep concentration. His search was tedious work and very tiring. Ron saw him move his wand in minute movements and wondered why it took so long. It seemed to him that he could find it quicker if he moved in wide circles or something of that nature. He studied the effect this was having on his brother and was glad to see George didn't seem bothered by it at all. Finally Harry slowly pulled his wand away with silvery wispy strands and put them in the bottle he had.

“If you don't have any questions then I'll be leaving now, George. I'll let you know what I find out with this memory. Thanks for letting me have it. I'm hoping I'll also find out who cursed you when they taught you the dark magic you used on me. Just out of curiosity; do you recall anyone coming here and talking about Herpo the Foul?”

George said it sounded familiar but he was too tired to think. “I'll think about it and get back to you on it though.”

Harry said good-night to him and then took Ron by the arm. He appeared inside Ron's house out of phase so he could see if they were a danger to anyone who might be in the spot they would appear and found that they were standing uncomfortably close beside Hermione who was looking out the window. Harry still gripping Ron's arm pulled him back a few steps away from her and then came into the same phase. Hermione jumped when she saw them and started to yell at Harry for just appearing inside when he always yelled at them for doing it. But Ron grinned and said, “Wow, Harry, that's wicked! I wish I could do that.” He told Hermione how Harry got them there and then said, “Harry needs to get home and take care of himself. George nearly killed him. I told you I'd explain everything when I got home. See ya Harry.”

Hermione gently took Harry by the elbow and asked what was wrong with him. “You look awful, Harry, What happened?!”

Ron said, “Let him get home and get some sleep, he'll be better in the morning. Come on I want to go to bed.”

When Harry got home he sat on the porch swing to get a second wind and thought about the curse George used on him. It was Dark Magic and he wondered when George learned it. He would study the memory he obtained from George tomorrow if he was able. He stood up slowly holding his heart and shook his head hoping he would make it to Ginny before anything else happened to him. He wasn't feeling well at all and his concern was that George may have done permanent damage to him. Maybe he'd have Carson check him out in the morning.

Harry laid down on the bed with Ginny before he cleaned up or changed into nightclothes. He didn't even take off his foot ware. Ginny huffed and rolled away from him. She snapped over her shoulder, “I hope you got Ron home safely. It took you long enough. Don't even think about picking up where we were when we were rudely interrupted.”

Harry whispered, “Ron is safe.”
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