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Originally Posted by LilFox06 View Post
Bennett got in line at the bank. It was a busy day and he had an appointment to make in another country. Silly him, though, he'd left all his travel documents in his vault. You'd think with how often he traveled, he'd keep that at his flat, but nope.

He shifted his weight between feet and leaned to the side. At least the line wasn't long.
Originally Posted by Gringotts Goblins View Post
Despite it being the off-season, it did feel like they were a bit understaffed. What was going on? The poor window goblin did not have time to worry about that at the moment though.

"Next." he said calling the next wandwaver to the window.

She was growing somewhat frantic, something she never did, as she sifted through the contents of her bag. The extension charm was such a useful thing, until it wasn't. She had her arm about halfway submerged into the purse when one of the Goblins called out. The words didn't register right away and she continued to stand there, until a few prolonged seconds passed and the realization hit her.

"Sorry!" she turned around and hurriedly apologized to the person (Bennett) behind her, before quickly shuffling her way over to the window... Arm still very much submerged.

"Hello, how are you?" Her voice was laced with certain apology. "I was hoping to withdraw some money from my vault, I have my... key and my wand... right......." This was very embarrassing. "Here," she smiled with a sense of relief as she pulled both things from her bag (finally) and pushed them over to the goblin.
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