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Default "lanky stringed-cheese of a man" is the best description i've possibly ever read?
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Originally Posted by Ringo View Post
Although Rowan wasn't much of a dancer, he was in fact a gentleman. At least, that's what his mother had always said any chance she got, all the while squishing his cheeks. And though he mostly wanted to sit on the couches all night eating sweets, he couldn't help but feel that he ought to try and make some friends before they all went home for the summer. How embarrassing it would be to come back for his second year with no friends...

Of course, everyone his age seemed to be gathering towards the dance floor. His heart raced. He wanted a friend so badly. Just one, at least. He hadn't really made any all year, given how drastic a change Beauxbatons was in comparison to his expectation of his first year being spent at Hogwarts. It had sent him into hiding, almost (except for meals and classes, of course).

And so, he slowly inched towards the dance floor, where he noticed a girl around his age standing by herself. She looked hesitant, making him feel better about being hesitant himself. With that, he took a deep breath and approached her. "Hi," he greeted the Gryffindor with his best friendly smile, noticing her intense focus on the flower on her dress. "That's a nice flower," he commented awkwardly. Was this how you made friends?
Hark! Another student approaches! And it was a boy Bernie had never seen before; or perhaps she did not recognize him because of his fancy dress robes?!

Bernadette looked up from her fiddling, hastily shoving her hands behind her back as she pressed herself flat against the wall. She must cement her image as a wallflower lest this boy --- nay, this Hufflepuff --- ask her to dance! Even though that was EXACTLY what she was HOPING would happen. She had to look nonchalant and like, totally bored by this dance thing.

"H-h-hi," she replied, suddenly starstruck by the boy, and stammering her response. What the heck, Bernadette! The cool cucumber routine was failing rapidly. She had danced with Blake Ryan with no problem at the practice. So why did she feel like her face was getting hotter for some reason? Had she suddenly caught a fever? Or maybe dragon pox was going around the school right now? She was tempted to fan herself off, but she couldn't because she was squishing her own hands behind her dress and probably cutting off circulation to them and this boy was saying that her flower was nice and LORT what did she say back to him?!!

She took a deep breath for no reason at all, accidentally taking in too much air and causing herself to hiccup suddenly. ".......hic--THANK-hic-YOU."

Bernie might have needed a hand with this social- interaction-with-BOYS thing.

Originally Posted by ArianaBlack View Post
Finneas Schmoe reporting for chaperone duty! He was a man of very little taste, but he did very much intend on making the most of their last night in this castle. It was good fun while it lasted... Minus that bit about the dragon and almost getting kicked out. That was ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh not-so-fun.

The lanky stringed-cheese of a man made his way to the dance floor, keeping an eye out for kiddos who were dancing too-close-for-comfort. It was his job as a chaperone, after all. As he made his way down, his strange lilac dress robes flowed behind him. He first noticed Grainne who received an awkward wave, "How err do you do?" The lanky fellow swayed back and forth to the music. It was a shame that Alina wasn't around, she was a far better dancer than he was.

He did his best to stay on beat, however, even swaying his arms in a strange-sort-of way as he made his way around the dance floor. "Not errr dancing tonight, Bernadette?" he asked, blinking a couple of times. Before looking over to Rowan, who had just made his way over. Schmoe gave the boy a knowing (and uncomfortable) grin. Ah. Young love.
Speaking of needing a long, gangly skeleton hand....

"SCH-hic-hic-MOE," Bernie hiccuped in his direction, pulling a hand out from behind her back to wave it WAY TOO HARD at him. "HI." Gosh, a friendly face! COME SAVE HER, SIR. She was, after all, his assistant professor? And WOULD she be dancing tonight?!?!

She awkwardly shifted her eyes to the Mystery Male Hufflepuff in Nice Clothes, and then shifted her glance back to Schmoe. "I dunn-HIC- know if I'm dancing? Or not? No -HIC! HIC!- no one has asked me yet?"
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