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SPOILER!!: Andrei
Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
To wasn't possible and it shouldn't be. What had happened was a reminder of what he could become, the path his father had quite literally shoved him down for most of his childhood. There was far too much regret and he felt it in the earliest hours of the morning almost daily when he went out for his morning routine and caught a glimpse of the stars before they faded against the sky as the sun illuminated it. But he had made his peace with it, with himself, and that was all he could truly ask for.

Anything else, he felt, was too selfish a request.

"That it is," smiles a little as he observes her. "Except for those boat rides during our early years at Durmstrang. I am not sure my fedora ever truly recovered from those times, but it was more than willing to offer its services." And would do so again in a heartbeat with no regret.

This was...his attempt at adding a bit of humor into the tense air, a reminder that there had been more than the hurt he had caused.

"I am learning," he nodded sagely, taking another sip himself. "Though it took some time for my injuries to heal, which meant I was trapped behind stacks of paperwork and official documentation...occasionally I would get to stretch my limbs and train the new recruits. It's where I have mostly settled into now."

His fedo-Oh.

Emilia's eyes widened slightly, her cheeks turning pink as she recalled those trips on the ship that sent her stomach turning in the most unpleasant way. She couldn't believe he remembered that and she laughed, covering her face briefly in embarrassment. "Your poor hat. Merlin, I was such a mess. I can't believe I let you see me like that." Not that she'd had any control over the situation. Shaking her head, she smiled at him. "Those were the days."

"I can't imagine that was easy, being stuck behind a desk. I'd have gone stir crazy." She found herself studying him again, gaze falling on the little that she could see of his scars as a hint of a smile graced her lips. "I could see that. I bet they look up to you, the recruits. You being so much older and wiser than them." She emphasized the older, her own attempt at being funny. Her gaze fell on his face again as she lifted her mug, taking another sip of her coffee.
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