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Adi chuckled his eyes raking over the view before them. He and Benny sure had chosen the perfect spot for their Reserve. What a view! Well, with the exception of Benny… he was the best view in Adi’s opinion. “Which I why I always make sure to have the Sour Patch Kids handy for you.’’ That and other sour goodies. He had to keep the hubby happy, after all. He would like to think that he was doing a good job still.

“Isn’t that the truth? Thank Merlin for grandparents who can always chip in to help us.’’ Adi tried to sound casual as though he just hadn’t thought that his dad should be alive and playing with his three grandkids too. He stayed silent just a bit longer to eat some more of his food, making sure to devour a good helping of pepper sauce. He wouldn’t be Indian if he didn’t love spicy food, yeah?

“Oh, right. We should. After the girls wake up? We can take them out there with us.’’ Not out into the Reserve with the Griffs and dragons exactly; just out on the Grounds where there would be plenty of eyes on them.

And yes, Adi was missing his Griffs a good deal for today.
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