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He’d seen that dejected look on Claudine’s face, yes he had. But soon enough the first year seemed to be back on track with things, and adding the antidote to neutralise the sample of toxin in her conical flask. It was good for her to learn the independence, and would stand her in good stead in years to come. Not that it meant students shouldn’t ask questions, whether it be for guidance or to further their understanding.

Noble continued to watch the others in the room, eyes falling first on Lucas. He hoped that today would give the boy some confidence in his potions. Mastering the art of potioneering was far more than just brewing; there was many facets, and some were more focused on tools and understanding. Perhaps that might appeal to the Gryffindor more as he progressed through his OWL studies.

He then spied Carsyn looking a little a little worried at the colour change in her conical flask. “Worried that you overdid it with the antidote?” Noble asked. “That’s why we did a rough titre first. Now you know the rough vicinity of how much antidote to add when you repeat the experiment. If you go get another sample of toxin and add the indicator…you can then add the amount of antidote up from the rough titre before the colour changed. Then you can go drop by drop for the next 10ml, swirling the flask after every drop, to get an accurate measurement. It might seem more wasteful to do it twice, but it actually saves a lot of time.”

And gosh, was that the time?

Noble clapped his hands together. “That’s it for today, folks. Please make sure you’ve written down how much antidote was required to neutralise the toxin in your rough titre, and then carefully put your burette set up over on the side bench. We’ll pick this up in tomorrow’s lesson, first by getting an accurate titre, and then looking at how to calculate the concentration of toxin. The latter being particularly important for healing applications.”

ooc: That's a wrap for this lesson. Thank you all for coming, I appreciate you all very much!
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