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What was going ON with the interdepartmental memos these days? Aside from the ones that set themselves on fire - which he had initially thought was the fault of Laurel again - many of them propelled themselves at his forehead rather than glide to a polite stop on his desk like they had been CHARMED to. Granted, his forehead was a large target...but this was becoming absurd.

Looked like he was going to have to have another talk with maintenance. Maybe Accidents & Catastrophes knew what was going on?

Tightening his tie as he rushed from his office into the Chamber of Codes, one of the more VITAL chambers in the department, Airey threw open the door and stepped inside with the expectation of seeing the entire place on fire. Which, thankfully, it was not...but the lack of flames did little to calm his wild palpitations.

"Report!" he requested as he stepped inside proper as he channeled his inner Picard.

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