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It's a long flight ahead, though perhaps not as long as the train ride you're accustomed to. With clear enough skies ahead, settle back with a few snacks and some good friends.

Down the carriage corridor, snug as a bug inside the lounge sits the snack counter. It's a small kiosk, fully stocked with magical and mundane treats of all sorts. There is no attendant behind the counter to fish what you'd like from the shelves. Instead, there is a single machine that accepts galleons, sickles and knuts. Simply state your snack choice, insert your coins and when the adequate amount has been received, the snack will float from the shelf and be handed over. It automatically returns change where change is needed.

There is no glass or bars separating the contents within the counter from the outside, however several charms have been intricately put in place to ensure no one can climb over to grab what they'd like. Similarly, attempts at accio-ing will prove futile. Wait your turn in organized fashion and wait to have your order placed.

There is a wide assortment of candies, pastries, ice-cream, milkshakes and sandwiches.
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