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Default Carriage Corridors

The inner veins of this whole operation but so seldom thought about; you've reached the carriage corridors. From here, you can access several areas of the carriage. The seating areas remain on the outer parts, bathrooms, the lounge and some corridors that frankly lead nowhere at all.

The soft colours within the corridors are meant to have a calming effect on all those who walk through it. On some of the walls, there are portraits containing images of different parts of Beauxbatons Castle. Most notably, there is a picture of a large park and another on the opposite side of the same wall containing one of a grand rose garden, the pride of Headmistress Desmarais.

If the lounge is a tad too full for your taste or you've found yourself with a bit of restlessness that prevents finding yourself a seat, why not have a little walk around. You won't get particularly far, but stretching your legs never hurt.
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