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Default Front Seating Area

Much like on the Hogwarts Express, there are sitting areas within the Beauxbatons carriages. There are several lined along the corridors, feel free to come in and take a seat. The couches on either side of the small cubicle wall can sit up to six students comfortably. Any more might be a bit of uncomfortable squeeze unless you don't mind the floor....but....don't....don't sit on the floor. It's improper to say the least and after an entire ride, you're like to find your legs cramping terribly.

Have a chat about the impending summer, the grief or thrills of the past term, whatever you'd like. It'll be a long flight to your destination, enjoy it in style and comfort. When you grow tired of this small room, take a stroll down to the lounge. There's sure to be something to keep you occupied.

Ready to not be sharing a room with half the school? Grab one of these before they fill up.
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