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Adam walked a slow circled around the table holding the cypher. Now that the machines were done making noise and doing whatever they were doing. The room felt normal. Nothing felt out of place or odd. Even his own nerves had calmed. Apparently Adam had been too long in the Department of Mysteries if something like this didn’t seem to bother him. Nope – strike that. Adam was actually a little relieved to have Laurel agree that it couldn’t the Encephalons acting up.

”Ja, I suppose ve schould,” Adam said in response to summoning Airey. Annnndddd since last time Laurel had done the honors, Adam supposed he should be the one to do send the message this time. With a sigh, he pulled out his memo pad and translator pen and scribbled down a note. Once done he ripped the paper off the pad and then murmured a spell. The paper folded itself up into an airplane and zoomed off out of the room in search of Airey. Part of Adam didn’t want to be in the room when Airey arrived, but he wasn’t going to leave Laurel alone in the room.

Continuing to wander around the tables, his foot crunched on something. He stopped and bent over to pick up the ticker tape that the machine had spit up. He couldn’t read it. He held it out to Laurel. ” Can you rread zis? It does not look to be Englisch.” And of course it wasn’t German or he’d have been able to read that.
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