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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
Picking the pile of letters up off the floor now, Delyth turned to Alba, considering what to do for a moment. The truth was, she didn’t know where either thing was so maybe sticking together would be the best idea? Biting her lip, she replied, hesitating now “Umm, well this is my first day so I honestly don’t know where either of those things are located so maybe sticking together would be the best thing to do?” The last thing she needed was to get lost in the ministry with all these letters. “Maybe go to one and then on to the other? Or if one is on the way, we could split up there?”
"Stick together .. good idea." Whew... Alba was a little worried that Delyth was going to say split up and Alba had no clue where she was headed. On that note she looked up and around hoping to see a sign that would say 'maintenance this way', but not such luck transpired. "Well since it's both our first days, I think we should start with our own Department Head ... at least her office is on this floor." Alba added knowing that it was going to be much easier to find Ms. Bones' door than anything else. Taking a deep breath and sighing.... "Well here goes nothing" She added picking up the last of the letters and marching her way to her doom Department Head's office.
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