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Originally Posted by love-for-HP View Post

Still rubbing her shoulder slightly from the collision with the lifts she looked back over at Delyth as all the letters flew into a perfect pile. "Should we divide on conquer, one to go maintenance, one to our department head? Or would it be easier to the tell the story together to both?" Alba adding thinking that both department heads needed to know what in the world was going on with both the lifts and the letter. Alba was only slightly concerned how it would look that both NEW employees were involved in this ... even though they certainly didn't cause the letter jam ... the lift jam ... well that was a different story.

"I'm fine either way really ... but we should get moving before it does it again." Alba didn't want to be here if another round of letters exploded from any further lifts making their way there.
Picking the pile of letters up off the floor now, Delyth turned to Alba, considering what to do for a moment. The truth was, she didn’t know where either thing was so maybe sticking together would be the best idea? Biting her lip, she replied, hesitating now “Umm, well this is my first day so I honestly don’t know where either of those things are located so maybe sticking together would be the best thing to do?” The last thing she needed was to get lost in the ministry with all these letters. “Maybe go to one and then on to the other? Or if one is on the way, we could split up there?”
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